Upcoming Conferences

1st Regional Conference on Geoinformaticss: Disaster Management and Early Warning Systems
24-26 Novemberr 2008 Test
Water Resources in the GCC and Environmental Challenges
2-4 February 2009
The 10th. International Conference for Enhanced Building Operations (ICEBO 2010)
The conference brings together annually an international group of researchers, professionals and practitioners who routinely improve the energy efficiency, operating costs, and environmental impacts of buildings. ICEBO is a leading forum for timely exchanges among researchers, building operators, and professionals interested in the continuous advancement in energy efficiency applications.
Gulf II: The State of the GULF Ecosystem: Functioning and Services
The State of the GULF Ecosystem: Functioning and Services
International Conference on Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture & Biodiversity in the Arab Region. 30 Nov. - 2 Dec. 2010
As the severity of the human-induced climate change increases, the risk of extinction of vulnerable species will be accelerated; habitats of many species will be modified, shifted or completely lost and species composition and ecosystem productivity may decline...

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