We draw confidence from our uniquely differentiated approach that hinges on openness, customer focus, and the application of a rigorous and robust scientific methodology


Enhance KISR’s status and role in the Kuwaiti society, and build a society of citizens who depend on science and technology applications for a better life, and get to know the services rendered by KISR.


The main purpose of the CRM is to make citizens familiar with the latest scientific technologies, which KISR makes available to solve current problems faced by citizens in their daily life. In addition, CRM makes such solutions available, for free or with the cost, through scientific applications. CRM also briefly and quickly replies to citizens’ queries and requests regarding the solutions that scientific research renders in various specializations at the research centers and supporting sectors. The purpose of this is to enhance mutual approach between KISR and citizens.


  1. Renders services to citizens and provide the most convenient solutions and consultations to solve current problems faced by citizens in their daily life.
  2. Form a positive relationship between citizens and KISR to familiarize the society with KISR’s actual role through its activities.
  3. Disseminate scientific research culture and applications among the society’s categories,  and enhance KISR’s role in this respect.
  4. Provide a multi-scope of scientific and consultant services to help citizens.
  5. Be aware of the society’s developments and be familiarized with problems faced by the same, concerning science and technology, and work on finding convenient solutions for challenges that the society and citizens face.


To request a service, Please contact the concerned research Center

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For any inquires please call, Marketing Division : 24989400/01  or the operator 24989000