KISR’s new structure represents a matrixing strategy that brings together individuals with different skill sets to solve challenges as a team. This approach minimizes deficiencies while maximizing cooperation, providing us with the opportunity to respond to some of our nation’s toughest challenges from a variety of perspectives. This strategy contributes toward developing the capacity of our staff and our strategic alliances, enhancing our reputation locally and internationally as a interdisciplinary, goal oriented scientific institute.

A key part of KISR’s new structure enables those in leadership positions to make the decisions necessary to guide innovative research and giving them enough the flexibility to manage relationships with our key clients. The Director General will be supported by a leadership team that will remain dedicated to elevating the level of professionalism and efficiency of KISR. 

The team will consist of seven Executive Directors, four Directors from each of the scientific research centers; Petroleum  Water, Energy & Building, and Environmental & Life Sciences and three support sectors: Science & Technology, Commercialization & Marketing, and Administration, Finance & Support Services. The Director General will also have several staff functions reporting directly to him; the Director General’s Council, Office of Strategic Planning and Evaluation, Science & Technology Partnership & Agreements Office, the Office of Legal Affairs, and Public Relations. 

These positions have inter-related roles to ensure the institution’s compliance with its newly established mission and vision. They will also have the responsibility to report recommendations for further development of the organization’s processes in the event of needed amendments. This leadership team will take the responsibility of ensuring KISR remains committed to its values, quality service and continuous investment in research and national capacity building —the main objectives of the restructuring process.