The main focus of KISR’s strategic plan is to specify the path and methodology to be followed for ideal investment and balanced distribution of available resources to fulfill its mission and meet its goals.



For more than 49 years, KISR has been dedicated to achieving its goals in a series of five-year strategic plans. The first of KISR’s 5-year strategic plans was launched from 1978 to 1984. Each of these 5-year plans included a diversified set of goals that were oriented towards solving Kuwait’s current and anticipated challenges. 

Current Plan

KISR is positioning itself as a strong leader in areas of strategic importance to Kuwait and the region. In order to ensure that KISR remains on track to achieving this vision, a roadmap has been developed to monitor our progress in 5 year increments. This roadmap describes the steps KISR has taken since the beginning of its transformation process in 2010 to become a recognized international center of excellence in those areas of critical importance to Kuwait and others facing similar challenges. This strategic plan describes how KISR will meet the milestones implied by that vision over the next five years.

KISR’s overarching strategy is to focus its long term research and development (R&D) to align with Kuwait’s national priorities as outlined in the National Development Plan, and to contribute solutions to Kuwait’s national challenges. Kuwait’s National Development Plan calls for the establishment of a regional financial hub, growth of the private sector economy and an enhancement of the quality of life for Kuwait’s citizens. KISR will actively contribute to enhancing Kuwait’s competitiveness in science and technology that will support Kuwait’s development and underpin the future diversification of the economy and help promote our quality of life.