We Value Our People

We have more than forty years of experience working in partnership with regional and international institutions to conduct research, collect reliable data for analysis, and transform scientific discovery into purposeful solutions that address challenges in R&D activities at KISR. We have embarked on ambitious research programs to enhance the existing network of more than 150 laboratories spanning different locations throughout Kuwait.

Our people always exude a sense of passion, professionalism, integrity, and mutual respect. As scientists, we also prize creativity, clarity of vision, and the pursuit of innovation through inspiration. Our unmatched local knowledge gives us a unique foundation for providing real world solutions.

Our brand values sum up what KISR stands for as an organization. It is vitally important that all our customers understand who we are and what we believe in. These values are drawn from the individuals who make up the institute, and they continue to shape our culture. We, therefore, express our personality through our three brand values that cover our key areas of professionalism, integrity, and innovation.

How We Work-Professional
Our teams work together effectively within a culture that advocates cross-functional communication throughout all organizational levels. We are passionate, professional, and ambitious in our pursuit of scientific excellence and achievement.
How We Behave-With Integrity
Our scientific community promotes mutual respect based on trust, integrity, and transparency. Our aspirations are driven by the needs of society and the preservation of our valued heritage.
How We Think-Innovative
Our researchers and scientists are open- minded and creative with clarity of vision and purpose. They actively pursue innovation through inspiration and freedom of thought.

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