Groundwater Interaction

Designed to provide participants with a basic understanding of the interaction and influence groundwater has on environmental resources. Participants are trained on the different methods that can be used to assess this relationship. They are also provided with the means to manage the consequences of the interaction of groundwater and environmental resources. 

Nanotechnology Applications

Providing insight into the use of nanotechnology in food, its benefits and potential risks, as well as the current legal and regulatory aspects in different regions of the world, are the main focus of this course.

Phytoplankton Taxonomy & Ecology

Focusing on phytoplankton sampling, preservation, identification of diatoms and dinoflagellate groups and density calculation. Participants are given the opportunity to practice laboratory analyses on phytoplankton biomass, turbidity and productivity. Participants are also introduced to culturing techniques for various groups of phytoplankton. 

Upgrading Residue & Heavy-Oils

Covering the importance of residual oil upgrading and advanced technologies, participants are provided with knowledge of the most recent technological developments in the field and their applications.