KISR, represented by the Environment and Life Sciences Research Center (ELSRC), obtained a patent from the US Patent Office. The patent was obtained for inventing a seawater surface sampling device.

The seawater surface sampling device is a buoyant device for sampling the topmost layer of water in a body of water, in order to study water properties into depths of only about 0.5 cm, such as surface-atmospheric interactions, phytoplankton concentrations, partial pressure of carbon dioxide, radionuclides and the like. The seawater sampling device includes a buoyant housing having an open upper end, and a lower wall and at least one sidewall. The lower wall has opposed upper and lower surfaces, with the lower surface having a concave contour. An apex of the concave contour is vertically positioned higher than a pair of side edges of the lower surface. An aperture is formed through the lower wall at the apex.