The Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR), and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), organized a national seminar entitled “Peaceful Applications of Nuclear Techniques”. Participants comprised of 60 eminent national scientists, researchers, professionals, and international experts. The latter are specialized in peaceful applications of nuclear sciences and technology in various areas, such as nutrition and agriculture, water management, industry, medicine, and environmental protection.

This national seminar was held to provide a forum for scientists and researchers to exchange information, discuss topics relevant to the activities of each of them. The aim of bringing scientists together was to assess accomplished development concerning peaceful nuclear applications. In addition, this forum aimed to clarify the IAEA’s important role in enhancing peaceful utilization of nuclear science and technology, as well as its contribution for achieving peace and security in the world.

Organizing this national seminar contributed to the support of its strategic objective, through the intensification of the effect of nuclear technology as an effective tool to support the social and economic development in Kuwait. In addition, this seminar helped enhance sustainability in peaceful applications of nuclear technology in various areas of social and economic importance. The seminar also helped capacity building, and supported convenient human and institutional capabilities for safe and peaceful utilization of nuclear technology.

Over the past years, KISR had kept strong relationships with the IAEA in the framework of active partnership, especially in light of the IAEA’s Technical Collaboration Program. This program focuses on capacity building, application of appropriate nuclear technology to meet Kuwait’spriority needs, and address issues of regional and international significance.