In collaboration with the Kuwait Oil Company (KOC), KISR conducted a marine surveying of Kubbar Island’s coral reefs. The marine surveying was conducted in the framework of a joint research project between both institutions, regarding the rehabilitation of Kubbar’s coral reefs.

KISR observed the damages that occurred to coral reefs at Kubbar Island, which led to the extinction of 60% of Kubbar’s coral reefs. The main reasons for the coral reefs damages occur because of people’s behavior, as visitors of the island use the anchor, not the island’s boat ties. Other reasons for coral reefs’ damage are the disposal of pollutants that led to the fragmentation/death of coral reefs, as well as the rise in global temperatures during past years.    

KISR and KOC took action against such dangerous damages that eradicate the Kuwaiti marine environment. Both institutions have come up with practical solutions for this problem, by placing artificial colonies for the rehabilitation of coral reefs, to make sure there is a nursing environment for coral reefs and fish. KISR’s experiments on such colonies, which were tested previously at Sabah Al-Ahmad Marine Reserve, proved their effectiveness for adding 10% of fish.

 This research project is a leading one at the regional and internal levels, as it set out to a serious problem that destroys the international environment, come up with innovative solutions, and recommendations to rehabilitate the environment. KISR commends the positive cooperation with the KOC in various areas, and the fact that they are a main partner in various scientific research projects and studies, which contribute to the development of our beloved country