KISR participated in an event entitled “Plant a Tree in My Country”, which was organized by the Commercial Real Estate  Company “Al-Tijaria”, at the Boulivard Park in Salmiya.  This initiative aims to increase environmental awareness in the society. 

KISR provided various scientific and marketing expertise through its integrated team assigned to work out a plan for holding numerous environmental events. This is the first event resulting from the cooperation with “Al-Tijaria”. KISR staff and researchers provided and planted a number of native and adapted plants that were grown in-house. These plants included acacia pachyceras, which is the only native tree in Kuwait. In addition, KISR staff planted native seedlings namely nitraria retusa, panicum turgidum, farsetia aegyptia, and capparis spinosa.
An exhibition was held at the sidelines of the event; it included publications and brochures on KISR’s accomplishments and research projects in this field.
KISR’s keenness to participate in such events confirms its continuous interest to provide services to the society and preserve/green the environment. KISR provided researchers’ expertise, and modernized techniques in the field. KISR also encouraged society members to participate in its numerous initiatives held within its social responsibility.
This project is the first type of cooperation between KISR and “Al-Tijaria” in the field of agriculture and greenery.