KISR’s primary role is to deploy applied science and technology- based solutions to a wide range of public and commercial challenges for the benefit of clients, partners, and people.

KISR has identified four key sectors of great national importance: Petroleum, Water, Energy & Building and Environment & Life Sciences and is organized into four strategic units designed specifically around these areas of expertise, pooling resources into each dedicated center. Each center houses a series of programs of various scientific disciples to allow for a diversified approach in addressing client needs.

While these centers are focused on a single challenge area, they do not work in isolation. Instead, they utilize a cross-disciplinary method that ensures expertise is shared, communication channels are maintained, and economies of scale are achieved.

An important part of each center’s strategy is to establish mutually beneficial alliances with other research and technology providers in order to accelerate the development of practical solutions to the challenges faced by KISR’s key stakeholders.  Each center has established an initial list of potential targets for strategic alliances that augment KISR’s current research capability, provide access to a necessary technology, or provide improved avenues for successful commercialization.  

We invite you to take a closer look at each of our Research Centers, where we have outlined in greater detail the strategies employed and have included some case studies of our recent achievements.