The Energy and Building Research Center - Developing the Foundation for the Sustainable Management of Non-Conventional Energy Resources, Building Materials, and Infrastructure


One of the main goals of the Energy and Building Research Center (EBRC) is to manage the process for meeting Kuwait’s future energy needs. The center’s programs focus on developing innovative solutions to reduce per capita energy consumption. This is achieved by both applying energy-efficient technologies to buildings and developing advanced solutions for the applications of renewable energy technologies suitable for Kuwait’s climate


Due to Kuwait’s harsh environment, the construction and building sector faces several challenges: shortage of raw materials, short life cycle of local infrastructures, and the twin phenomena of concrete corrosion and structural failures. However, as these challenges evolve, KISR’s strategies have evolved too. The center’s research programs have developed insights into the performance of construction materials and infrastructure under the prevailing climatic conditions of Kuwait. The center’s experts provide solutions and recommendations to policy makers on the best practices for preserving and prolonging the functional performance of building structures in the region.

Key Achievements

Peak Power Demand Reduction: KISR’s approach to peak power demand reduction received the International AEE Award in 2002 and 2008 from the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE), USA.


Dr. Salem Al-Hajraf

Executive Director/EBRC

Social and Economic Returns: The center has evaluated the potential social and economic returns and the environmental benefits of renewable and clean energy applications for Kuwait.

Energy Code: KISR made Kuwait the first country in the GCC to implement energy conservation measures related to air-conditioned buildings through a well-defined code of practice. Applied in 1983, this measure has resulted in significant energy savings for the country.


Future Challenges

  • Reduce per capita primary energy consumption without impacting the quality of life while adhering to environmental standards
  • Enable Kuwait to meet future energy demands through the diversification of energy resources and the exploitation of sustainable and innovative renewable energy technologies while preserving the quality of the environment.
  • Improve construction practices and materials while promoting sustainable and alternative construction solutions for Kuwait, and the use of nanotechnology based solutions.
  • Support the safety and sustainability of Kuwait’s infrastructure and building systems by focusing on structural and geotechnical concerns.