Energy Efficiency

The Center’s energy researchers have experience developing Kuwait’s building energy codes using multilevel analytical, experimental, and field-oriented research. They work to improve the efficiency of existing buildings by conducting energy audits and recommending both simple and complex energy-saving measures. Some of the Center’s key efficiency facilities include:

  • Thermal transmittance testing chamber (guarded hot box)
  • Energy simulation laboratory
  • Fenestration laboratory
  • Lighting laboratory
  • HVAC and A/C performance rating laboratory
  • Energy labeling laboratory
  • Instrumentation and calibration laboratory
  • Window testing facility

Renewable Energy

The researchers also test the technical and economic feasibility of renewable energy technologies in Kuwait by managing and monitoring pilot-scale demonstration projects. They measure the availability of natural resources and develop strategies for their best use in power generation. Some of the Center’s key renewable energy facilities include:

Photovoltaic Test Platform

The IRE Program has developed a 100 kilowatt test platform that features panels and inverters from a variety of different technologies in order to assess their performance and viability in Kuwait. The test platform is assessed and monitored for its efficiency as it feeds into KISR’s power grid in order to determine the feasibility of installing solar panels on a larger scale given the climate conditions of Kuwait.

The Salmi Mini-Wind Farm (West of Kuwait City)

The Salmi Mini-Wind Farm was established to test and measure the performance of small sized wind turbines in the Salmi area. The farm is designed to operate both on and off-grid, serve telecommunication towers in remote areas as well as the fire brigade station in Salmi. The farm is located near the future selected site of the first large scale (70 megawatt) multi-technology Shagaya Renewable Energy Park — a government initiative currently being managed by KISR. 

Solar/Wind to Hydrogen Plant

The pilot-scale Solar/Wind to Hydrogen Plant uses photovoltaic panels (10 kilowatts) and wind turbines (6 kilowatts) to produce and store hydrogen (H2) as an energy carrier and use it as a fuel cell to provide electricity. The plant is being used to develop energy management technologies to reduce the cost and increase the reliability of renewable energy technologies in Kuwait. 


The center’s building researchers have great expertise in the field of super- and substructure engineering, waste management and recycling, innovative materials evaluation and applications, and infrastructure integrity. The Center also features research and testing facilities capable of assessing and evaluating innovative building materials to verify their conformity to international standards and specifications by providing quality control assessments. Some of the Center’s key building facilities include:

  • Chemical laboratory
  • Radiation measurement laboratory
  • Concrete technology laboratory
  • Building materials research and technology laboratory
  • Structural materials laboratory
  • Structural engineering laboratory
  • Nondestructive testing and infrastructure health monitoring laboratory
  • Micro-structural material analysis laboratory
  • Pavement technologies laboratory
  • Corrosion prevention and control laboratory
  • Geotechnical engineering and rock mechanics laboratory
  • Computation and computational engineering laboratory
  • Construction materials laboratory

Nuclear Research

As part of the KISR’s initiative to capture the latest developments in the peaceful application of nuclear technologies, the Energy & Building Research Center also features a state-of-the-art laboratory system for gamma and alpha spectrometry, ultra-low-background gamma spectrometry (equivalent of 120m underground), liquid scintillation counting systems, and two sophisticated spectrometry systems for measuring radioactivity concentrations in the air. Some of the Center’s key Nuclear research facilities include:

  • Chemical Laboratory
  • Laboratory for Radiation measurement.