Improving The Efficiency of Kuwait’s Energy Resources
Enhancing Building & Infrastructure Durability
Managing Energy Sources
Building Material Resources & Infrastructure Systems
Sustainable Management of Energy & Building

Energy and Building Research Center

Since the 1980s, KISR has been at the forefront in facing the challenges of Kuwait’s expanding population by addressing the growing energy demands, and maximizing the sustainability and safety of the nation’s building industry and physical infrastructure. The Energy and Building Research Center (EBRC)   experts, representing a variety of scientific disciplines, have adopted an interdisciplinary approach to achieve their objectives.

EBRC is the leader of KISR’s work in energy technology, energy efficiency, and energy policy. KISR is making contributions to the design, development, and implementation of a practical energy program to reduce energy demand, especially through the  reduction of energy use in buildings,  and to diversify the national energy portfolio. KISR’s research supports the process for the transition to advanced sustainable energy generation, storage, and distribution through collaborative research, development, and education.


R & D Activities Focused on Five Research Programs