Improving The Efficiency of Kuwait’s Energy Resources
Enhancing Building & Infrastructure Durability
Managing Energy Sources
Building Material Resources & Infrastructure Systems
Sustainable Management of Energy & Building


The building industry in Kuwait is faced with the challenge of competing in an open market that allows for the free trade and import of material goods but without clear building codes or regulations. This lack of upgraded codes, inadequate construction guidelines and regulation, and depleted naturals resources, all contributed to inconsistent and irregular quality of construction and degraded building materials. For the last 30 years and amid the above challenges, civil and industrial structures suffered unprecedented   premature deteriorations and experienced the highest risk of material failures.



The CBM Program focuses on conducting targeted research and establishing state-of-the-art facilities for the characterization and certification of building and construction materials according to recognized international standards and specifications. The program evaluates current construction practices and proposes innovative approaches to enhance the quality and performance of conventional and unconventional building materials from indigenous and imported sources.


Program Thrusts

  • Advanced Concrete and Pavement Construction Technologies: Promoting the application of new and advanced building materials and the implementation of improved construction techniques, with local contractors, to enhance the sustainability of concrete and asphaltic structures and upgrade the construction practices.
  • Alternative Recyclable Materials for Building and Construction: Identifying new sources of alternative construction mate rials to overcome the scarcity of indigenous resources. The program specifically focuses on identifying sustainable sources of recyclable industrial wastes in concrete and asphalt industries and on developing pilot-scale facilities and trials to highlight their application benefits and production.
  • Material Characterization and Application: Developing quality control programs capable of testing, certifying, and evalu- ating construction materials based on their physical, mechanical, and microstructural properties, and their durability and per- formance characteristics. The program specializes in testing and evaluating the durability and sustainability of construction materials according to national, regional, and international standards and specifications.