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Kuwait is pursuing the exploitation of nuclear technologies, methods, and techniques for social and economic development. Kuwait’s medical sector is by far the biggest user of nuclear technologies providing state-of-the-art oncology treatments and diagnostic methods including advanced nuclear medicines. Nuclear technology is also widely used in the oil industry for non-destructive testing and the study of dynamics inside oil-processing reactors.


The program is researching the potential applications of nuclear technology in the country’s industrial, medical, hydrology, food production, and environmental protection sectors. It works extensively with international agencies to grow Kuwait’s nuclear science capabilities through the establishment of nuclear research facilities, policies, and professional development.

Program Thrusts

Establish a Nuclear Research Infrastructure — Develop the physical infrastructure, legal policies, and conduct market assessments in support of developing solutions for Kuwait’s petroleum, medical, and water sectors.

Protect Against Radiological Risk — Strengthen the country’s ability to respond to nuclear and/or radiological emergencies by developing a monitoring network equipped with special analytical units and stations capable of providing on-line information on radionuclide occurrence in the atmospheric, terrestrial, and marine environments.

Design and Facilitate Nuclear Training Programs — The training program curricula will be implemented in close cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).


  • Developed the first RadiologicalAtlas for the State of Kuwait - a document charting the geographic location and concentration of selected natural and human-caused radionuclides.
  • In collaboration with the Kuwait Oil Company and the IAEA, the NPPA established programs to identify, measure and assess the amount of radioactive materials workers associated with the oil recovery process in Kuwait’s oil refineries are exposed to.
  • Established an integrated environmental radioactivity monitoring network in Kuwait.

Special Facilities

The Nuclear Program for Peaceful Applications is currently supported by a state-of-the-art laboratory system for gamma and alpha spectrometry, ultra-low-background gamma spectrometry (equivalent of 120m underground), liquid scintillation counting systems, two sophisticated spectrometry systems for measuring radioactivity concentrations in the air, and a spectrometry system that is a part of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization worldwide monitoring network.