Experts with Multidisciplinary Backgrounds
Understanding Terrestrial Biodiversity
Supporting the National Aquaculture Industry
Developing Efficient Food Production Techniques
Biodiversity, Conservation, and Ecosystem Management

Environment and Life Sciences Research Center


The Environment and Life Sciences Research Center (ELSRC) is a pioneer in addressing the nation’s most pressing environmental and life sciences challenges, from developing efficient food production system to assessing the long-term effects of pollution on the environment and improvement of life quality.

One of ELSRC’s core competencies is understanding the risks and developing mitigation strategies for environmental conditions under threat which are essential for maintaining the integrity of Kuwait’s natural heritage. Equally important to KISR is to contribute to the food and nutrition security through the improvement of quantity, quality, and nutrition of food supply. ELSRC researchers provide technical expertise to industry and policy makers to support the maintenance of Kuwait’s environment and human health. ELSRC also provides consultation to the government on requirements for Kuwait’s compliance with international environmental treaties in areas such as biodiversity, conservation, and ecosystem management


R & D Activities Focused on Eight Research Programs