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Kuwait imports about 90% of its food from markets where food control measures may be minimal and are oftentimes in-adequate to ensure the acceptable levels of quality and safety. Hence, there is a need for the assessment and reduction of food contaminants and the ensurance of  food safety.


In addition, the lifestyle in the State of Kuwait has undergone very rapid changes over the last few decades, and the population enjoys a comfortable lifestyle with easy access to a wide variety of food, including an abundance of fast food outlets, and a sedentary lifestyle. As in many countries in the Gulf region, Kuwait is now facing a high prevalence of overweight, obesity, and nutrition-related noncommunicable diseases. With an estimated three quarter of the adult Kuwaiti population being overweight or obese and thus at an increased risk of poor health, there is clearly an urgent need to address this public health concern. At the same time, the development of new food products, providing healthy and safe foods to the Kuwaiti population, is another potential area that needs to be given due consideration.



The Food and Nutrition Program’s aim is to contribute to the improvement of the health and wellness of the Kuwaiti population.


Program Thrusts

  • Healthy Diets and Lifestyle: Aims to provide evidence- based information to the Ministry of Health to revise policies and programs to reduce the prevalence of obesity and noncommunicable nutrition -related diseases.
  • Assessment and Reduction of Food Contaminants: Aims to identify and assess levels and risks of microbiological and chemical hazards, allergens, and foreign materials including authentication and assurance of  halal control.
  • Food Products Processing and Packaging Innovations: Aims to develop improved food products and processes to enhance the health and wellness of the Kuwaiti population.