The Petroleum Research Center’s researchers are experts in the fields of catalysis and process development for clean fuel production, heavy-oil processing and upgrading, and catalyst management. They are specialized in the areas of catalyst performance assessment and characterization, spent catalyst recycling, and the preparation of raw materials for catalyst development. Some of the Petroleum Research Center’s key refining facilities include:

  • Catalyst preparation laboratories
  • Catalyst characterization laboratory
  • Membrane laboratory
  • Non-catalytic clean fuel laboratory


Other capabilities include polymer characterization and applications, reactor engineering, fluid dynamics, physical modeling, thermal cracking technology assessment, molding and testing of mechanical and physical properties, as well as aging of plastics in accelerated and natural conditions. Some of the Center’s key petrochemical facilities include:

  • Polymer preparation laboratory
  • Polymer characterization
  • Specialty chemical laboratories
  • Polymer processing laboratory
  • Polymer pilot plants

Oil Production

The Center’s oil production capabilities include application of nonradioactive tracers in oil reservoirs; routine and special core analysis; fluid phase behavior; testing of corrosion inhibitors; biocides and scale inhibitors applied during water injection; water injection monitoring, CO2 injection (for enhanced oil recovery), and reservoir simulation. Some of the Petroleum Research Center’s key oil production facilities include:

  • Oil production physical modeling
  • Heavy-oil recovery facility
  • Enhanced oil recovery laboratory
  • PVT laboratory
  • Standard core laboratory
  • Advanced core laboratory
  • Emulsion and aspahltene laboratory
  • Oil field chemicals Lab


Designing effective methodologies for avoiding equipment failures and forced shutdowns requires an understanding of corrosion mechanisms and material behavior in corrosive media, proper investigation of corrosive processes and control of corrosion by appropriate measures. KISR’s researchers work to make significant contributions to the area of corrosion assessment and mitigation and are supported by a variety of facilities that allow them to improve the reliability of Kuwait’s petroleum production facilities and refineries. Some of the Center’s key corrosion facilities include:

  • Metallography laboratory
  • Electrochemistry laboratory
  • Corrosion sample preparation laboratory
  • Corrosion simulation laboratory