Technical Support, Consultation, and Research
Providing Resources and Expertise
Improving Oil Recovery
Enhancing Petroleum Refining Flexibility

Improving and Upgrading Heavy-Oil Production

The Petroleum Research Center (PRC) focuses on developing innovative solutions and provides advanced level of technical support to Kuwait and regional oil and petrochemical industries, through establishing new opportunities interfaced with industrial collaborators. The PRC enjoys strong working relationships with Kuwait’s petroleum sector companies, and the research programs are aligned with the sector’s technology strategy and reflect many of its stated priorities. KISR’s scientists and engineers are engaged in research and technical services support in all phases of the petroleum value chain: production, pipeline transportation, refining, and petrochemicals.

The focus of the center’s research programs is on improving proven reserves, enhancing oil recovery, meeting international expert quality requirement, diversifying the utilization of hydrocarbon resources, maximizing the lifetime of assets, reducing production costs, and developing new materials and processes.

R & D Activities Focused on Five Research Programs