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For many years now, polymers have been the material of choice and most widely used materials in the world, surpassing steel, copper, and aluminum in many applications. However, in spite of the strong growth and ubiquity of polymer products, the polymer industry continually faces new customer demands, furious global competition, steadily rising oil prices, and growing environ- mental concerns. Many polymer-related problems and challenges, such as developing new materials, enhancing the performance of existing polymeric materials, exploring polymeric materials in many new applications, developing environmentally friendly materials, remain partially unsolved. To address these problems collectively with polymer industries and end users through training and research, KISR created this program.

The main challenge for this program is expanding Kuwait’s petrochemical industry and end-users’ segments by developing a customized polymer.


The program activities focus on helping the locally produced polymers to gain more market share by enhancing their properties with additives and establishing a first-rate data bank of the behavior of these locally produced polymers under harsh conditions.. Furthermore, the program, in parallel will create opportunity to develop a downstream polymer processing industry by customizing products to further develop the local private industry in Kuwait.

Program Thrusts

  • Enhance and Improve Locally Produced Resins – Customize existing polymeric resins (PE, PP, PS, and mixed polymers) for specific local and regional needs taking into account the special climate of the region.
  • Maximize the Benefits from Used Polymers – Address the development of a database on polymer and plastics utilization, a data bank on plastic solid waste (PSW) in Kuwait , and means for reducing the impact of PSW.
  • Develop of Speciality Products for Oil Production – Focus on the solutions area to develop new and novel speciality added value polymers and polymer compositions for several applications, mainly in the petroleum sector.


  • Polymer processing. 
  • Polymer characterization.
  • Polymer weathering.