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Kuwait’s refineries are characterized as relatively high conversion refineries with a high complexity index. They are configured with the aim of producing petroleum products to meet the demands of the local and export markets. The main products include road, air, and marine transportation fuels; fuel oils; heating oil; petrochemical naphtha; bitumen; LPG; and petrochemical feed stocks for the polyolefins and aromatics industries in the country.
The challenge is to support the Kuwaiti oil industry in developing new products, implementing new technologies, and extending the throughput and flexibility of Kuwaiti refining activities.


To develop a knowledge base and design new processes using simulation programs that will expand the range of products of the refining industry. The program will also assist with the conceptual design for processes to maximize the utilization of refinery gases and to improve gasoline quality using membrane separation through the use of low-energy separation processes.

Program Thrusts

  • Developing Options for Improving the Performance of Selected Processes to Improve Throughput: Maximize the output and identify optimal operating strategies for selected refining processes.
  • Identifying Potential New Products: Expand the range of products that the refineries can produce utilizing the outputs of the available processing units.
  • Creating Novel Processes and Processing Schemes: Develop solutions based on membrane technologies to utilize waste streams and modify existing processing schemes using low-energy separation technologies for producing ultraclean gasoline and diesel.


  • Membrane evaluation, preparation, and characterization laboratory. 
  • Advanced petroleum molecular characterization laboratory.
  • Simulation and modelling facilities.