KISR has been entrusted with developing solutions for some of the most serious challenges in the State of Kuwait, which are water scarcity and the development of cost-effective methods of water desalination and waste water treatment. The WRC is an international leader in understanding and applying technologies, policies, and management to meet the challenges of water desalination treatment and management in arid environments.

KISR has emerged as a national and regional driving force in sustainable water resources management by creating integrated multidisciplinary teams to address national and regional challenges. The success of these teams in addressing the challenge of water scarcity is a reflection of the professionalism, commitment, and expertise of KISR’s researchers.

Key Achievements

Collaboration with NASA: Working in collaboration with NASA to better characterize the region’s water aquifers using deep-sounding radar technology.

Wastewater Treatment: Designed the world’s largest commercial pilot wastewater treatment plant in Sulaibiya (with a capacity of 6,000,000 m3), based on twin-membrane

Intellectual Property Portfolio: Created a robust intellectual property portfolio that includes advanced membrane technologies from dual- to single-stage, a patented


Dr. Mohammed Al-Rashid 

Executive Director/WRC


pressure exchanger, and proprietary formulas for fortified Kadhmah (beach well) bottled water.
Zero Liquid Discharge: Maximized the efficiency of the produced water treatment process (brine) by completely eliminating the liquid waste stream, resulting in zero liquid discharge.
Future Challenges
  • Optimization of the sustainable use and management of Kuwait’s natural water resources.

  • Improvement of the overall availability of water by identifying and implementing more cost-effective technologies for wastewater reclamation and maximizing wastewater reuse options to sustain adequate water resource for the State of Kuwait.

  • Addressing of Kuwait’s need for an improved desalination capacity that enhances raw material and energy efficiency.

  • Improvement of the sustainability and competitiveness of Kuwait’s freshwater supply from thermal and membrane desalinations technologies by using solar energy, improving system efficiency, and enhancing flexibility while minimizing the environmental impact.