The Water Research Center’s capabilities include process intensification of nanofiltration, multistage flash and multiple effect distillation within cogeneration, and optimization of existing distillation, scale, and corrosion solution technologies.

Wastewater & Aquifer Recharge

The Center’s researchers have extensive experience in chemical, biological, and physical characterization of wastewater. Other expertise includes hydrogeology, hydro-geochemistry, flow modeling, and drilling supervision for artificial aquifer recharge and aquifer mapping. 

Water Analysis

The Water Research Center houses several water analysis laboratories for physical, chemical, and biochemical analysis; conducting microbiological tests, and testing pilot water desalination treatment systems.

  • Hydrochemistry laboratory
  • Physical modeling laboratory
  • Soil laboratory

Resource Management

The center’s managerial expertise includes demand-side management, integrated water resources management, and climate change mitigation to support the government’s efforts to develop efficient water management schemes and policies.