Addressing Water Scarcity
Substantial Breakthroughs in Desalination Technologies
Mitigating Environmental Footprint
Cost-effective Desalination and Treatment
Enhancing Water Management Efficiency


Kuwait is a water-stressed country with a high demand for groundwater and potable water. The efficient reclamation of municipal wastewater, wastewater generated from oil-related activities, as well as other sources of industrial wastewater is necessary in order to enhance the country’s ability to provide sufficient water for agricultural purposes as well as for greenery and landscaping needs. According to the Ministry of Public Works (MPW), only about 65% of its treated wastewater is reused.


The Wastewater Treatment and Reclamation Technologies (WTRT) Program develops physical, chemical, and biological system solutions tailored to the particular characteristics of each wastewater stream. The program’s goal is to efficiently reclaim and reuse Kuwait’s wastewater to improve water availability and contribute to the welfare of the country.

Program Thrusts

  • Municipal Wastewater: Develop processes to remove organics, heavy metals, phosphorus, and nitrogen compounds from reverse osmosis rejected wastewater as well as design and test more suitable treatment systems. Also, characterize and evaluate existing municipal plants while researching potential solutions to operational challenges such as foaming and bulking.
  • Petrochemical Industrial Wastewater: Characterize and categorize the petrochemical wastewater generated in Kuwait and suggest appropriate treatment and reuse methods.
  • Non-petrochemical Industrial Wastewater: Characterize and categorize non-petrochemical industrial wastewater gener- ated in Kuwait and suggest appropriate treatment and reuse methods.
  • On-site/Small-scale Wastewater Systems: Design, test, and apply appropriate technologies to enable the reclamation of wastewater from remote non-sewer areas as well as develop sustainable small-scale wastewater treatment schemes to replace the existing centralized system.