Addressing Water Scarcity
Substantial Breakthroughs in Desalination Technologies
Mitigating Environmental Footprint
Cost-effective Desalination and Treatment
Enhancing Water Management Efficiency


Groundwater is the main naturally occurring water resource of Kuwait, providing 36% of Kuwait’s annual water supply, including 90% of the water used for irrigation and landscaping. However, this precious resource is overexploited and depleting rapidly. It is also subject to pollution from various sources such as operations related to oil exploration and refining, the insecticides, pesticides and fertilizers used for agriculture, landfill sites, industrial and commercial operations and soil contaminated by hydrocarbons during the 1991 Gulf War.



To sustainably optimise the use and management of Kuwait’s natural water resources through applied research.


Program Thrusts

Artificial Aquifer Recharge Create a strategic freshwater reserve capable of meeting Kuwait’s water demand during emergency situations, to meet increased demand during the summer season, and to alleviate the load and reliance on desalination plants.

Hydrogeological Characterization of Aquifers — Assess the hydrodynamics and transport processes of Kuwait’s exploited aquifers, measuring natural recharge from rainfall and runoff to determine and maintain the long-term sustainability of the aquifers.

Groundwater Quality Assessment — Assess groundwater quality using state-of-the-art water analysis instruments and facilities.

Groundwater Remediation Conduct studies that accurately characterize groundwater pollutants and evaluate remediation strategies through pilot scale field studies, resulting in the supervision of full-scale projects that remediate fresh groundwater resournces.

Water Table Rise — Develop studies to investigate the possible causes of groundwater table rise in the newly developed suburbs of Kuwait and determine which remedial/preventative measures are the most promising


  • Assessed the effects of anthropogenic activities on the natural recharge and groundwater quality.
  • Assessed the usable groundwater potential of North Kuwait.
  • Developed groundwater vulnerability maps for Kuwait.
  • Evaluated the groundwater pollution potential of refined products at KNPC refinery sites and disposal pits in oil fields.
  • Developed the management plan for rising water table at the Burgan Oil Field.