Addressing Water Scarcity
Substantial Breakthroughs in Desalination Technologies
Mitigating Environmental Footprint
Cost-effective Desalination and Treatment
Enhancing Water Management Efficiency


Kuwait is a country of great ambitions, significant economic capabilities, and very limited natural water resources. These conditions have created a rather fragile water sector with 90% dependency on expensive seawater desalination. All this calls for the development and implementation of the solutions offered by the Integrated Water Resources Management that includes the proper management of the resources to ensure sustainability.

The rationale of this reserch program is built on the fact that a sustainable water sector needs an integrated approach to develop and manage its water resources.


To sustainably optimize the use and management of Kuwait’s water resources through applied research. and to develop integrated strategic water policies and management options or action plans to alleviate water problems and maximize socioeconomic growth, in order to deliver the sustainable use of the limited resources and to safeguard
the freshwater and the Arabian Gulf environment.

Program Thrusts

  • The program thrusts aim to understand, protect, remediate, augment, and sustainably develop and manage the country’s water resources.
  • Groundwater Resources Management: characterize aquifers hydrologically as well as manage, protect, and, remediate groundwater.
  • Integrated Water Resources Management: Develop water resources, with the aim of enhancing water security and assessing its quality, and manage urban hydrology.