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Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) 

The Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) was established in 1967, by the Arabian Oil Company Limited ( Japan ) in fulfillment of its obligations under the oil concession agreement with the Government of the state of Kuwait . The Institute was reorganized by an Amiri Decree issued in 1973, under which it became directly responsible, via its board of Trustees, to the Council of Ministers.

Realizing the importance of scientific and technological research in the economic and social development of the country, the Kuwait government strived to satisfy the increasing demand for research by various production sectors in the country. An Amiri Decree in 1981 (law No. 28) formally established KISR as and independent public institution. The law specified that the Institute would be governed by Board of Trustees chaired by a minister chosen by Council of Ministers. The mission of KISR, as stipulated by the Decree, is to promote scientific and applied research related to national industry, energy, resources of natural wealth, food resources and the main pillars of the national economy. The law entrusted the Institute with undertaking research and scientific and technological consultations for both governmental and private institutions in Kuwait .

The main objectives of the institute, as specified in the Amiri Decree, are:

•  To conduct scientific research and studies concerned with the progress of national industry and which facilitate the preservation of the environment, in coordination with the concerned agencies;

•  To encourage the Kuwaiti staff to practice scientific research and nourish the spirit of research in the younger generation;

•  To explore and study natural resources and means for exploiting them, energy and water resources, and methods to improve agriculture and develop aquatic resources;

•  To render scientific, technological and research consultation services to the government and to national establishment as per the rules adopted by Board of Trustees;

•  To follow up the development of scientific and technological progress, and adapt it in ways that conform with the local environment, and provide the governmental and industrial institutes and organizations with documents related to science and industry;

•  To establish and foster relations, and carry out mutual research with higher education institutes, and the technological and scientific sectors in Kuwait and various parts in the world;

•  To participate in the study of ways to verify the resources of the national economy by investing the results, of scientific and technological research in industry and directing it in the services of the State's economic and social development goals in coordination with the concerned agencies.

•  To conduct studies, prepare research reports and provide technical and applied consultations in all aspects of KISR's mission are requested by the concerned institutions and agencies and provide scientific and technological related services and consultations to attain the development objectives in the Gulf region and the Arab world.

•  To cooperate with the concerned organizations and institutions to build on and develop obtained scientific results and scientific and technological inventions and to request the government to establish specialized companies to produce and promote its scientific inventions.

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