KISR's Social Responsibility

During the course of 55 years, KISR has provided numerous research projects and technical services in various fields of development corresponding to its work, gaining the trust of governmental and private entities. In addition, KISR has taken an interest in its role in social responsibility. Over the years, it has presented numerous events, lectures, and courses aimed at enriching the scientific knowledge of different age groups in society.


KISR’s role in this direction has been concentrated in the following areas:

1. Drawing attention and publicizing rationalization practices in water and energy exploitation

- Participation in the "Energy Saving Challenge Innovation Camp" in collaboration with the Enjaz Team.

- Providing guidance to government agencies regarding the policy of reserving electricity during and after official working hours.

- Providing awareness-raising activities for the community on energy conservation.


2. Enriching fish and shrimp stocks in the marine environment

- The release of approximately 650,000 of Alshe’em and Alsubaiti fish produced by KISR in the beaches of northern and southern Kuwait.

- The release of approximately 250,000 small shrimps were released in the Khoysat area near the Jahra Reserve area.


3. Greening state facilities through plant and tree planting

- Growing tissue palm plants produced by KISR at the Kuwaiti Scientific Club farm.

- Cultivation of fungal plants at the site of the Leah and Kabd Reserve under the slogan "Let's instill today for a better tomorrow."

- Planting plants and trees within the Boulevard complex under the slogan "Planting a plant for my



4. Community participation in some of KISR’s consumer products

- Distribution of Kadhmah water produced by KISR at the opening ceremony of the Jaber Al-Ahmad International Stadium and in the campaign to distribute Iftar meals in the month of Ramadan under the slogan "Ramadan safety".

- Distribution of Kadhmah water for the frontlines during the coronavirus pandemic.

- Designing and manufacturing of medical supplies to protect the frontlines during the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.


5. Providing technological, scientific, and technical services to people with special needs

- Field visits to the children with special needs in entities, associations, and hospitals, and providing technical consultations.

- Presentation of a lecture entitled "Autism and the role of KISR in providing substantive support".

- Holding walking competitions on the occasion of World Braille Day under the theme "Guide their sights with your heart" in collaboration with several parties.

- Providing technical services to banks to help implement the Braille translation system for blind customers.

- Launch of a bilingual dictionary (Arabic-English) and (Arabic-Chinese) of descriptive sign language for the deaf on the Internet.

- Establishment of an online "e-shop" platform for Braille-printed books to be exchanged electronically at the regional level.


6. Children's Scientific Exhibition

- Providing children with the opportunity to conduct some simple scientific experiments through the holding of an annual children's scientific exhibition since 2018.


7. Dissemination of science and development of students' spirit of research and discovery

- KISR continues its efforts to rehabilitate Kuwait's youth through the holding of summer and spring training programs. Since the beginning of the implementation of these courses in 1977, KISR has been able to graduate approximately 6,000 students from university, secondary, and intermediate levels, as well as students with special needs, in addition to students from Gulf universities participating in these programs.

- Opening the doors of KISR laboratories for the visit of students all year round.

- Providing lectures by KISR researchers for public and private schools.

- Supporting the research aspect of postgraduate students by overseeing the research of master's and doctoral students.


8. Training courses and scientific and awareness-raising lectures and events for the community

- Holding a scientific exhibition at the Avenues Mall to familiarize the community with KISR’s work and activities.

- Opening the doors of KISR Kabd Reserve area for people who have photography hobby to monitor and document innate life in Kuwait.

- Conducting blood donation campaigns for KISR’s staff.

- Presentation of competitions of a technical nature to society, including "Hackathon" and "Dart" programming language open day.

- Providing public lectures on KISR’s areas of work, serving the community, and supporting the preservation of the environment.