KISR Director General’s Speech


Achieving sustainable development is a complex challenge. To address this challenge, it is essential to strengthen the role of scientific research to ensure it continues to effectively support the comprehensive development process and the transition towards a knowledge-based economy.

Established in 1967 at the outset of Kuwait's contemporary development era, the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) is a longstanding national institution. Since then, KISR has amassed a wealth of achievements and an in-depth understanding of the challenges of development and its paths over several decades. KISR’s work is grounded on a robust foundation of applied scientific research and an extensive grasp of the latest outputs in science, technology, and innovation. Moreover, it boasts a vast network of scientists, researchers, and specialists, national staff forming the majority.

KISR engages in a variety of domains, including petroleum, water, energy, technology, economy, and environmental & life sciences. This comprehensive approach ensures that it aligns with Kuwait's development needs, driving the nation’s progress and sustainable growth. KISR's forward-looking vision emphasizes accelerating its pace of scientific and technological advancement. This focus is in line with the national aspirations for a prosperous future, guaranteeing flexibility in the face of rapid changes and contributing significantly to the "New Kuwait 2035" vision.

KISR is committed to continuous investment in knowledge and fostering robust collaborations with universities and specialized institutions, both locally and internationally. This collaborative approach strengthens its ties with product and service providers in both the public and private sectors. KISR’s ultimate goal is to achieve performance excellence, enhance and maximize quality, and elevate production efficiency through the implementation of modern methods and techniques.

The most prominent feature of KISR’s vision is its emphasis on linking research outputs with development sectors, expanding its client base, and enhancing the use of patents. KISR's most significant contribution towards a knowledge-based economy lies in the establishment of a joint-stock company. This entity serves to commercialize KISR’s innovations and research outputs, which fosters job opportunities, diversifies income, and aligns with the nation's strategic goals. Ultimately, this initiative guarantees a sustainable future for the coming generations of Kuwait.


Dr. Meshan M. Al-Otaibi

Acting Director General