Speech OF KISR’s Director General



Since 1967, the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) has been playing a vital role in facing numerous national challenges faced in building the nation. KISR’s efforts are ongoing to support stability, food and water security, energy conservation, and preservation of and preservation of exhausted essential resources in a changing world.

KISR has also focused on developing and disseminating science and technology, not only in Kuwait but also in the Arabian Gulf region. Thus, KISR has become a scientific, technical, and consultative entity for numerous ministries, as well as government and private institutions in Kuwait. KISR provides distinguished scientific consultancies and practical applications that are equivalent to those provided by similar international institutions, which is due to its national scientific staff, who have obtained academic degrees in various scientific fields from the best international universities. In addition, KISR attracts the best scientists and researchers from various parts of the world. Undoubtedly, all such factors favor KISR’s strategic plans that conform with the State of Kuwait’s future developmental goals.

KISR believes in open science as one of the reasons of its success. It is keen to enter into partnerships and agreements in the scientific field with local, regional, and international institutions, to enhance and exchange knowledge and expertise. This will be reflected on the distinguished performance of KISR’s researchers, professionals, and technicians, which in turn will be reflected on the quality, outputs, and outcomes of KISR’s scientific research.


Dr. Manea Al-Sudairawi