Postgraduate Research Program and

Post-Doctoral Research Program


The Postgraduate Research and Post-Doctoral Research Programs are two of the KISR initiatives that aim to build up a scientific capacity in Kuwait. These initiatives are part of the governmental development plan that aims to provide the opportunity for Kuwaiti and non-Kuwaiti students seeking to obtain a Master's or PhD degree in science or engineering and to the fresh PhD graduates in science and engineering to utilize the KISR technical and human resources to serve their interests.


Postgraduate Research Program (PGRP)

The Postgraduate Research Program is considered as one of KISR’s initiatives within the government development plan that offers the opportunity to Kuwaiti and non-Kuwaiti students who pursue their Master’s and PhD degree in any well-accredited local and international university to carry out the research and laboratory part of the degree at KISR’s research laboratories and under the supervision of KISR researchers. This program is offered with no financial commitment from the participant towards KISR for any cost to execute the research program.


The Post-Doctoral Research Program (PDRP)

PDRP offers the opportunity for the newly graduated with PhD degrees in science and engineering to join a scientific research program executed at KISR research centers in any scientific fields, such as petroleum, energy, water, food resources, and environment, that suit the PhD degree obtained. This program is offered with no financial commitment from the participant towards KISR for any cost to execute the research program.


The Development Return and the Future Vision of the Desired Results of the Program:

  1. KISR performs its role in serving the Kuwaiti society and highlighting the role of its leadership in Kuwait in the field of specialized scientific research.
  2. Providing the opportunity for Kuwaitis who face the difficulty of staying outside Kuwait for a long time to obtain Master's and PhD degrees by providing the possibility of conducting the research side of their scientific research inside KISR laboratories and facilities without any financial commitment and reward.
  3. Searching for new research programs that contribute to supporting the Kuwaiti economy and solving current and future difficulties.
  4. Taking advantage of patents or discoveries obtained from this research, and setting up specialized companies for it.
  5. This program also aims to provide an opportunity to attract outstanding students to be part of KISR’s distinguished manpower.
  6. Cooperation with universities and international scientific and academic bodies in attracting their students to work within projects and research of interest to both sides.
  7. Obtaining international scientific and practical experiences that support scientific research at the institute.
  8. Facilitating the opportunity for Kuwaiti students to obtain high scientific degrees from prestigious universities.
  9. To make the best use of KISR’s facilities, scientific equipment, and human resources in a way that benefits the Kuwaiti society.
  10. Raising the name of Kuwait globally in international academic forums.


Steps to Participate in the Program:

  1. Visit or communicate with the Manpower Development Department in the Human Resources Department at KISR either by visiting the department in the main building in Shuwaikh or by sending an e-mail to
  2. Submit a letter from the university and the academic supervisor containing an official request to conduct all or part of the research aspect of the targeted degree at KISR laboratories, with a summary of the targeted master's/doctoral thesis, targeted experiments in detail, the expected duration of conducting this research, and any other related data.
  3. Provide an official pledge by the university to bear the candidate for all travel, housing, living, and transportation expenses.
  4. Provide a copy of the civil ID of Kuwaitis or a copy of the passport and personal photos.