Biotechnology Program

Innovative Solutions for a Challenging Environment

Kuwait is an arid country that faces several major environmental, agricultural and industrial challenges: a fragile and damaged ecosystem, harsh weather conditions, water scarcity as well as extreme water salinity. Kuwait’s terrestrial desert ecosystems have been seriously degraded by overgrazing, recreation, infrastructure, industrial development, and most notably, the 1990 Gulf War, when an estimated 11 million barrels of oil were released onto the nation’s terrestrial and marine environments. The Biotechnology Program responds to these challenges by developing an integrated response to the environmental degradation of Kuwait, and its impact on the local agricultural industry. The Biotechnology Program designs and develops innovative methods and products to enhance environmental and agricultural systems and also provides support and insight to local industries. The program’s researchers blends modern molecular biology, genomics and genetic engineering techniques with biotechnological processes and product development toolsto produce a multidisciplinary approach for enhancing the quality of the environment and creating a sustainable and viable national agriculture system.

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