Crisis Decision Support

Identifying Threats and Mobilizing Responses

Kuwait is vulnerable to hazards associated with environmental and industrial crises in its petroleum, residential, energy, and industrial sectors. Managing an effective response requires informed and efficient decision making as well as coordinated efforts from multiple emergency response units and national stakeholders. Recognizing these challenges, KISR developed the Crisis Decision Support (CDS) Program to address the need for a centralized infrastructure capable of identifying threats and mobilizing responses to mitigate and avert the impact of both natural and man-made disasters. KISR Through its facilities and experts, the Program will provides decision makers with technical information and decision support tools scenarios, procedures and codes of practice for responding to any environmental hazards. The Program will involves establishing an online environmental data system (i.e. meteorological, oceanographic, radiological, seismic data) for use in modeling effort to support the decision makers in preparing managing and remediation of environmental crises and emergency.

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