Renewable Energy Technology

Harnessing renewable energy to fuel Kuwait's growth

Kuwait is completely reliant on the burning of fossil fuels for energy generation and water desalination. According to the Ministry of Electricity and Water, by 2030 Kuwait’s energy demand will triple. The ministry estimates that the amount of fossil fuel available to generate energy in Kuwait is not enough to maintain the country’s current rate of social and economic growth. KISR has initiated energy efficiency and energy management programs to help mitigate Kuwait’s emerging energy challenge. However, it is understood that these steps are only part of the solution to Kuwait’s energy problem. Since the 1980s, KISR has explored the potential of capturing energy by alternative means, pioneering research in concentrated solar thermal technologies as well as photovoltaic panels. The RET Program is continuing this tradition, leading the nation’s efforts to find the renewable energy solutions most appropriate for the unique climate conditions of Kuwait.

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