Sabah Al-Ahmad Sea City - Khiran

Reimagining artificial lagoons

Sabah Al-Ahmad Sea City (previously known as Khiran Pearl City) is considered as a pioneering project in the region, and the largest of its kind, with integrated facilities and infrastructure along Kuwait’s southern coasts. La'ala Al-Kuwait Real Estate Company had proposed five phases for completing this megaproject. KISR has carried out four projects critically related to the successful realization of the proposed plan. One such exercise was to study the suggested layouts for Phases A1 to A5 for the flushing of the lagoons using numerical modeling. Another included the construction of a promontory at the north of the proposed northern entrance to the Arabian Gulf, which includes sandy beaches and thus requires a shore protection scheme, which CMP also studied. In addition, La'ala Al-Kuwait Real Estate Company built an offshore breakwater off Khiran to protect the artificial promenade from erosion of waves. The stability and hydrodynamic characteristics of this breakwater were identified using a physical model study in the hydraulics lab.