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Shagaya Photovoltaic Project

The Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) has developed the innovative Shagaya Renewable Energy Project, which constitutes the first phase (Phase I) of an ambitious Master Plan to generate approximately 3.2GW at the Shagaya Renewable Energy Park. Phase I sets the basis for future renewable energy developments in Kuwait through the installation of a 50 mega-watt (MW) Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plant that was commissioned in December 2018, a 10 MW Wind Farm that was commissioned in May 2017, and a 10 MW Photovoltaic (PV) plant. The official Grand Opening for the Shagaya Renewable Energy Park was held in February 2019.

TSK is also responsible for the construction of a 10MW PV plant during the first phase, with the following specifications:




10 MW PV

5 MW thin film:

160 W each, (Solar Frontier) SF160-S

34560 panels

3 x 2200 kW inverter (SMA) Sunny Central

5 MW Polycrystalline:

315 W each, (Jinko Solar) JKM315PP-72

17820 panels

3 x 2200 kW inverter (SMA) Sunny Central



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